What our customers are saying about our gate latch pull

I just completed installation of four gate latch units and am very pleased with the functional design, efficient operation and attractive appearance.  The installation was easy and simplified with effective graphic instructions on the packaging, as well as with a video on the company’s website.

Customer service is outstanding with rapid response to website inquiry and immediate availability and shipping replacement parts.

My experience indicates this could likely be a great new hardware company, particularly as it expands its product line.

Tom Palmer

We have a sport court in our back yard that attracts a lot of friends and family on a regular basis! Before we installed the GH gate latch, we were constantly having to make sure our gate was closed so our small dog could not escape! Many times kids would think they closed the gate, but it didn’t latch.

Since installing Gh gate latch, we no longer have to worry. Our gate latches perfectly every time! We love it!

Jennifer Woodhouse

I saw the GH Gate Latch Pull on the Internet after doing a search. I knew immediately it was just what I needed for the two gates in my new custom fence. My posts were slightly oversized and Aaron suggested a way to install them that looks really sharp. I cannot say enough about the personal service, prompt delivery and the overall quality of this product. I now have the two GH Gate Latch Pulls installed and have used them for a few months. They worked perfectly the first time and every time since. A high quality product offered at a fair price. I do not hesitate to give you my highest personal recommendation for this product and this company. Thanks! – Jim

Jim Gisler

Verified Owner

My aunt and uncle recently replaced their 6 ft. fence and added two gates. I am 5’1″ and without the this product, it would be impossible for me to reach over and release the gate latch. I LOVE the ease of use the Gate Latch Pull. This product should be in every hardware store/website. It is clever, well built, durable and affordable.


From start to finish, about 15 minutes of work. After installation I marveled at the ease and aplomb at how the ezlatch performs its task. A really cool design feature is that the pull is slightly spring loaded. So when you pull it, the lock is released and the pull knob gently springs back to its home position. A nice design feature that I did not expect.
It’s a nice accompaniment to the beautiful gate I built out of Western Red Cedar. Bravo Ezgate!

Michael Aitchison

We have bought 4 GH Gate latch pulls for friends and family. We do not have wooden gates. If we did we would buy them for us also. These are amazing. Everyone that has a wooden gate should get one and they are very easy to install.


Verified Owner

Never Reach Over The Gate Again!